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Impressions from India by Tilby Vattard

More images here: plainpicture/Tilby Vattard

Book cover by Andrew Geiger

Exhibition | Sabine Bungert & Stefan Dolfen

Arrival Cities. Hongkong und Istanbul
26.08. - 09.10.2016
Städtische Galerie Iserlohn

image: Sabine Bungert & Stefan Dolfen: Hongkong

Focus magazine | cover by Philip Lee Harvey

Book cover by Cédric Roulliat

Book cover by Reilika Landen

Kniel Synnatzschke | new production in progress

Today Niko Synnatzschke & Christoph Kniel took advantage of the German summer heat and shot a new stock production for plainpicture. They were supported by our photographer relations executive Lisa Drewes. See first impressions above, more is coming soon.

plainpicture/Kniel Synnatzschke

Book cover by Ursula Raapke

New images online

Book cover by Gine Seitz