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New photographer at plainpicture

New plainpicture photographer: plainpicture/HANDKE + NEU

New photographer at plainpicture

welcome our new photographer Conny Hepting!

New photo production from Kniel Synnatzschke

New photo production for plainpicture by Niko Synnatzschke & Christoph Kniel.
See more images in the following lightbox.

Frank Herfort - Fairy Tale from Russia

Interview with plainpicture photographer Frank Herfort, Winner of the LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards 2016.:
Cinematic, dream-like shots of Russia—none of them staged—speak to the cardinal importance of composition and the subtle art of “becoming part of the interior.”

Read the interview

plainpicture at photofringe 2017

Visit us at fotofringe 2017 !

New plainpicture photographer

New plainpicture photographer Daniel Cullen:

New photographer

New plainpicture photographer: Margie Hurwich

New plainpicture photographer

New plainpicture photographer michaelhopf

New plainpicture photographer

New photographer at plainpicture: Gérard Staron

New images online

New plainpicture images are online: