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plainpicture book covers

Shades of black and white - some recently published plainpicture photography on book covers.

photography: Patricia Seibert, Oote Boe, Rudi Sebastian

Editorial Photographer Income Survey

In an effort to gather data on the general income ranges of Editorial Still Photographers around the world Jim Pickerell / Selling Stock created an online survey. The survey will close in mid-October. After that he will do a comprehensive analysis of the data and make the results available Free of Charge at

For more information about this issue see:

Check out this link for some preliminary results: ( )

Feel free to take part and go to this link:

Photoszene-Festival Cologne

With 87 exhibitions, Internationale Photoszene Köln is uniting photography protagonists in one strong alliance once again, many and varied though their approaches to photography may be: the medium’s multifacetedness is precisely where Photoszene Köln’s focus and strength lies.
21. - 30. September 2018 on various locations

New plainpicture photographer

Life, colours, light captured by plainpicture photographer Tamboly.

plainpicture magazine publications

Kind of different, individual approach to food photography - published in the magazine Barbara using plainpicture images
photography by: Thordis Rüggeberg, Samira Schulz and Ursula Raapke

Top 100 Photography Award

Send your best photo and take part in the photo competition at the photokina 2018 organized by and picanova.
The Top 100 handpicked photographs will be displayed exclusively on the booth for the "Top 100 Photography Award" at the photokina 2018 (Hall 1).
Deadline for entries: Sep 16, 2018

plainpicture feature

Places silent and straight - found by plainpicture photographer Daniel Allan

New images are online

The latest edition of new images by plainpicture. Take a look!


Photography to end all photography - Photography has always been closely linked to the reality it depicts. But what does it look like when, in the digital age, artists create photographs that are the result of serious manipulation on a computer? The Photography Biennale 2018 gives us an impression of post-photographic photography.
31.8.2018 – 30.12.2018

New plainpicture photographer

Curious about the world - getting a glimpse behind the scenes. Images by new plainpicture photographer Charlotte Bresson.