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The latest edition - brand new images by plainpicture.

Water 2019

Our relationship with water is complex. It sustains life. It’s a source of beauty and wonder, and is itself an environment for a staggering variety of life. It can be devastating in its destructive force, and equally devastating by its absence. But that does not diminish the joy and serenity it can provide us in its many forms. You can submit images that describe our relationship with the many facets of water within this contest.
Deadline: Monday, May 27, 2019
Gallery exhibition: July 18 - August 10, 2019

plainpicture book covers

Recently published English books - cover material by plainpicture photographers Lubitz + Dorner, Tom Hogan, Mira/Brian Berg

New plainpicture photographer

Baked Alaska, lamb chops, Bananas Foster, some sweets and a drink - menu prepared by plainpicture photographer David Prince.
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plainpicture image series

Dark, mysterious, fascinating - image series by plainpicture photographer Stephen Caroll.

Minimalist Photography Awards

It doesn't matter if you are a fine art photographer, street, landscape, architecture, etc. As long as you take minimalistic or abstract photos, you are eligible to enter the contest.
Final Deadline is May 25th, 2019

plainpicture book covers

Crime and suspense ... some new book covers using images of plainpicture photographers BY, Anja Weber-Decker, Elodie Ledure

New plainpicture photographer

A sense of being, significance, a profound beauty to discover and bring into light - the work of plainpicture photographer Juliette Chretien

Biel/ Bienne Festival of Photography

The 23rd edition of the Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography will explore the theme of overflow, both real and virtual, in today’s society. This year’s edition will present works of photography that examine the often insidious overflows into the private sphere, the political excesses that confront humanity, our technological frenzy and the extreme exploitation of essential resources in contemporary society.
SAVE THE DATE: Opening, May 10, 6pm, Photoforum Pasquart
Exhibitions: 10.5.-2.6.2019