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Pure Life

PURE LIFE. Exciting reality - visualized by plainpicture photographers. plainpicture news »

New plainpicture photographer

Mood lighting and atmospheric landscapes by new plainpicture photographer Andreas Schier »

New German book covers

New German books using images by plainpicture photographers Anja Weber-Decker, Millennium/Felicia Simion and Stephen Shepherd. Images »

Floral compositions

Floral compositions vizualized by plainpicture photography talents. Images »

New plainpicture photographer

Atmospheric images by new plainpicture photographer Jarno Sarén »

New book covers

New French books using images by plainpicture photographers BY, Baertels and souslesarbres. Images »

plainpicture news

Greening concepts, urban design and metropolitan gardening. Image ideas for living spaces in transforming cities.
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Thinking Photography. DGPh-Forschungspreis

Die Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation und die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie (DGPh) schreiben erneut gemeinsam die beiden Preise "Thinking Photography. DGPh-Forschungspreis" und "Writing Photography aus.

Mehr zur Bewerbung hier: Thinking Photography

New images

Fresh & inspiring - new plainpicture images are online. Images » 

New plainpicture photographer

Shape & structure - visualized by new plainpicture photographer Daniel Wimmer.