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plainpicture series staged

True moments and / or staged photography ? See more images by plainpicture photographers.

Edition 365

Edition 365: 365 artists. 365 artworks. 365 days that changed the world.
Since the coronavirus pandemic swept the world in March 2020, all of humanity have shared – and documented – an extraordinary experience. Uniting the voices of renowned photographers, emerging artists and everyday people alike, 1854 and British Journal of Photography are producing a global and multi-faceted portrait of the year that changed everything.

Deadline: 4 August 2021

New plainpicture photographer Joy Kröger

Finding beauty everywhere - the images of new plainpicture photographer Joy Kröger.

plainpicture magazine cover: Hygge

Summer Edition - Hygge cover using image by plainpicture photographers Hartmann + Beese.

plainpicture series home

My home is my castle - some plainpicture photography samples on German "Eigenheim".

Meitar Award for Exellence in Photography

The Meitar Award for Excellence in Photography, a collaboration between PHOTO IS:RAEL and the Zvi and Ofra Meitar Family Fund, will be awarded for the sixth time this year for a body of work that demonstrates excellence in the field of photography.

The 20 finalists will be showcased in a group exhibition at the International Photography Festival in November 2021 in Tel-Aviv. The award winner will be announced in November during the festival.

Submission deadline: July 29, 2021

New plainpicture photographer Klaus Ohlenschläger

The tension between nature and cilvilization - images by new plainpicture photographer Klaus Ohlenschläger.

New book covers in France

Some French book titles by publishing house "Livre de Poche" using plainpicture images by Yuriy Orgakov, B.O.A. and Anzenberger/Horst Friedrichs.

Kudzu - The Vine that ate the South

„The vine that ate the south“ is the common description for kudzu, a highly invasive plant, which grows everywhere in the Southern States of America. Kudzu was introduced into the US in 1876 from Asia. Especially during the Great Depression it was widely cultivated as part of the New Deal programmes to stop soil erosion. Today kudzu is a huge problem. The plant easily overtakes complete woods, sometimes even houses or mobile homes. 

Since 2010 plainpicture photographer Sabine Bungert and Stefan Dolfen have been working on long term projects together. They are interested in the development of cities and landscapes due to social changes. Their project on Kudzu is now available as a book.

plainpicture series sky

A look towards the sky ... See plainpicture images: