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New plainpicture photographer: Barb McKinney

... little pieces of beauty all around us. Images by new plainpicture photographer Barb McKinney.

PhotoIreland Festival 2021

PhotoIreland Festival invites national and international artists and practitioners to propose works to be part of PhotoIreland Festival 2021. The 12th edition will take place in Dublin in July 2021, with exhibitions and events running throughout the month. Submissions and proposals are invited on the general topic of Food and the Politics of Food.

submission deadline: 01.03.2021

photo: Theo Ellison

plainpicture series backlight

The light from behind - backlight images by plainpicture.

plainpicture book covers

Some German books using images by plainpicture photographers brabanski, Bias and Ralf Mohr.

New images are online

The latest edition is online - brand new images by plainpicture photographers.

Grand Prix Images Vevey

An international grant for innovative photography projects - The international photography award Grand Prix Images Vevey is one of the largest and longest-standing prizes in Europe
and attracts participants from all over the world for each competition. Winning projects are then exhibited at Festival Images Vevey.

Submission deadline 28. February 2021

Photos: Kristine Potter - Winner 2019/2020

plainpicture series light

All of the light - plainpicture photographic impressions by Dave Wall, Thomas Günther Tilby Vattard and cgimanufaktur.

English book covers

Crime and suspense - English book covers using images by plainpicture photographers Yann Grancher, Mark Owen and Hanka Steidle.

plainpicture news: Back in the days...

Back in the days - by plainpicture photography.

Chaos - International Photomarathon

Photo Israel and Chutzpah Center invites photographers, designers, artists and creators from all fields which use the language of photography as their tool, to engage in a creative and inspiring 24-hour exploration of various aspects of the “Chaos” theme. The marathon will launch online on February 16, at 5:00 PM (GMT+2). Over the course of 24 hours, participants will receive 6 secret photography challenges which may be completed at each participant’s own pace. Participants will be able to sign in and view the first challenge as soon as the marathon begins.

registration deadline: 15.02.2021