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#STAYATHOME by plainpicture

stayrelaxed staycreative stayathome stayhealthy staybusy staycool stayhappy staysocial stayconfident stayplain
 - stayhome images by plainpicture photographers


plainpicture image series - home working

Home Working: must haves and high-end equipment trends for better working at home - series by plainpicture photographer Peter Franck


plainpicture image series - animals

Some black and white animal shots from our collection - images by plainpicture photographers Emma Grann, noa-mar, Stephen Sheperd, David Carreno Hansen, Wolfgang Simlinger.

#stayathome, #bleibtzuhause #restezchezvous

plainpicture update - working from home!

We'd like to say hi to all of you in these times - our team is safe and sound, working remotely & providing services from home to all our clients, photographers & partners currently.
Take care and stay healthy!
#stayathome, #bleibtzuhause #restezchezvous

New plainpicture photographer: Mathis Rühl

Portrais of our Earth ... landscape and sceneries by new plainpicture photographer Mathis Rühl.

#stayathome, #bleibtzuhause #restezchezvous


#stayathome by plainpicture

Work at home ... housekeeping ... best friends ... childcare ... love ... loneliness. Take a look at our images!

#stayathome, #bleibtzuhause #restezchezvous

15th Julia Margaret Cameron Award

Showcasing a women's perspective in photography, and men’s perspective on the Feminine Universe. Women photographers can participate with her female visual perspective in 23 thematic categories. In this special edition, male photographers will be able to participate in only one category: The Feminine Universe.
Final Deadline:  March 29, 2020

new images are online - part 2

The latest edition - our second set of brand new images by plainpicture photographers in March 2020.


New images are online

The latest edition is online - a first set of brand new images by plainpicture photographers in March 2020. Take a look!