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plainpicture image series - animals

Animal portraits - series by plainpicture photographer Achim Bunz.

plainpicture Interview on French media

The covid-19 health crisis affects all areas of photography. Nora Zelnik plainpicture sales manager has been interviewed by
"9 Lives magazine" that provides daily news on topics from the world of photography and images in France. She gives a short overview
of the consequences or the corona crisis on media and image business and the way plainpicture deals with this challenge.
See the whole interview online.

plainstyle - Fashion Trends 2020

Take a look to our plainstyle fashion newsletter and collection!

Mit Vorsicht zurück in den Berufsalltag – was es zu beachten gilt!

Der Berufsverband Freie Fotografen und Filmgestalter e.V. (BFF) hat zusammengefasst, wie ein Profi-Shooting in Zeiten von Corona ansteckungsfrei ablaufen kann: von der Anreise über Styling bis zu Arbeitspausen...
BFF Justiziarin Dorothe Lanc gibt eine Übersicht der Dos and Don'ts unter:

New book covers in France

Some French book covers using images by plainpicture photographers Spitta + Hellwig, Soany Guigand and Yvonne Röder.

plainpicture image series - signs of summer

First signs of summer? See the images by plainpicture photographers Virginie Plauchut, Heidi Mayer, BY and Pupa Neumann.

plainpicture magazine cover: Frings by Misereor

Make peace - on conflicts and reconciliation- magazine Frings using plainpicture image by mia takahara on their latest issue.

RUSSIAN FAIRY TALES - Photography Book by Frank Herfort

Russian Fairy Tales is a photography book by Frank Herfort, a personal passion project,which tells his very own visual story of Russia and its people through a series of 88 color photographs. The project spans a period of almost 20 years in Russia.  
Financed through crowdfunding - take a look!

plainpicture image series - view of the world

Alternative and unconventional view on reality and the world around us - image series by plainpicture photographer Peter Franck.

New plainpicture photographer: Kalanch-Oé

Visual explorations by new plainpicture photographer Kalanch-Oé showing irony of the absurd and visual stories between real life and fantasy.