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Artistas en Selección - Fotonoviembre 2021

FOTONOVIEMBRE is a photography festival which focuses on various aspects related with the image, contemporary art, new technologies, photographic heritage, artistic creation and the development of the medium. The mandate of the festival, held in Tenerife since 1991 and a driving engine for photography in the Canary Islands and further afield, is to enable and promote a wide-ranging rethinking of the image as a means of expression, communication and participation. Five artists will be chosen to form part of the section entitled "Artistas en Selección (Artists in Selection)", at the FOTONOVIEMBRE 2021 biennial taking place from October to December 2021.

Submission deadline: 11 May 2021


Since 2015, the Rencontres d’Arles has offered an award supporting the publication of a dummy book. The LUMA prize is open to any new photographer or artist using photography, submitting a previously unpublished dummy book. Special attention is paid to experimental and innovative forms of publishing. The 2021 winner’s dummy book, as well as those of the nominees, will be exhibited this summer during the Rencontres d’Arles.
The application deadline is Monday, May 12, 2021.


When taking a picture of a landscape, just like in a portrait or a scene, photographers attempt to tell a story: from dramatic rural vistas to urban panoramics, or seemingly-abstract aerial compositions images that showcase our planet’s diverse and beautiful topography.⁠ The Independent Photographer wellcomes photographers to submit their work on landscape photography - all different styles and compositions are possible and wellcome! 

Submission deadline: 30. April 2021

photo: Ross Long

Portrait - Mirror of the Mind

All About seeks the submission of photographs that celebrate the aesthetic and conceptual considerations involved in the creation of the portrait: celebrate diversity, creativity, honesty and self-expression. Studio portraits, candid street shots, self-portraits, conceptual and fine art all welcome. Studio portraits, candid street shots, self-portraits, conceptual and fine art all welcome.


FotoNostrum Portrait Award 2021

Selected images in this Portrait Award will be chosen on five main aspects of the photograph: concept, execution, boldness, creativity and emotional impact, making the viewer think and feel what the image is transmitting.

Until May 2, 2021

LensCulture Home Photography Awards 2021

Home'21 - The idea of home has captivated and inspired artists for generations. Home can be a feeling, a physical space or a geographic place as tiny as a street or a vast as a country.
Lensculture is seeking remarkable photography from around the world that has been made at home or creatively explores the concept of home.

Submission deadline Wednesday, April 21, 2021

CENTER grants - Biel / Bienne Festival of Photography 7.-30.05.2021

Founded in 1994, the not-for-profit organization CENTER, supports socially and environmentally engaged lens-based projects through education, public platforms, funding, and partnerships.
Each year our supporters make CENTER’s grants, awards and exhibitions possible. Through these programs, CENTER can fund breakthrough work, offer professional development assistance and give projects the increased exposure they deserve.

Submissions Open Through April 20, 2021

photo: Marwan Bassiouni, New Dutch Views, 2018-2019

Global Photo Awards 2021

Global Photo Awards creates a platform where photographers and their best creative photographic art from around the globe receives recognition. GPA invites everyone to upload photos in two categories: People and Nature.

Submission deadline: April 4th, 2021

FotoLimo 2021

FotoLimo (landlimo means border in Esperanto) is a cross-border festival of photography and visual arts whose main driving force is the concept of borders, understood in its broadest sense. The festival takes place between the towns of Cerbère (France) and Portbou (Catalonia) during the second half of September. With a background of five consecutive editions, the objective of the festival continues to be to promote artistic creation, education, and research around the multiple manifestations of the border, approached from fields as diverse as migration, gender, body, social fractures or landscape, always from a creative and transformative perspective.

Submission deadline: March 29, 2021

photo: Anna Surinyach / participant 2020

plainpicture news: Rauschen

MOOD & INSPIRATION - Best of "Rauschen"-Photography