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Tropic Ice - A Visual Dialog Between Places Affected by Climate Change

The award-winning plainpicture photographer and artist Barbara Dombrowski gives a face to climate change. Already in its tenth year, she has been working on a worldwide photo art project that portrays people in the surrounding landscapes on five continents. The photographer focuses on relevant and specific climatic locations and their populations that live between established tradition and global modernity. The project is now presented at the Festival

Who Owns the World? Everything in the WORLD - Lessing Days 2020 at the Thalia Theater Hamburg

Who Owns the World? Um alles in der Welt  - Lessingtage 2020 im Thalia Theater Hamburg
18. Januar bis 9. Februar 2020, Thalia Theater, Hamburg Oberrangfoyer

Photo Schweiz

PhotoSCHWEIZ is the largest photography exhibition in Switzerland. Every year, over 250 national and international photographers show their current work.The work show provides a representative up-to-date overview of photographic work in Switzerland. The exhibition is complemented by numerous special events, the photoFORUM with lectures by the world's best photographers and the photoSCHOOL with numerous courses.

Fr 10. - Di 14. Januar 2020
Halle 622 & Stage One | Zürich-Oerlikon

© Filip Scherrer

The Mind's Eye - All About Photo Awards 2020

The 5th edition of the All About Photo Awards invites photographers from around the world to submit their best work for consideration. In reference to Henri Cartier-Bresson's photo essay, The Mind's Eye investigates the depth and thoughts behind each image. All winners will have their work published/showcased on the websites Lenscratch, Daylighted's digital traveling exhibition worldwide, All About Photo Winners Gallery and featured in the printed issue of AAP Magazine "Special Edition All About Photo Awards 2020".
Final Deadline is January 31, 2020

Follow up

follow up – die Projektförderung für Absolvent*innen der Fotografie vom Freundeskreis des Hauses der Photographie. Der Freundeskreis des Hauses der Photographie e.V. lobt die neue Projektförderung für Absolvent*innen des Fotografie-Studiums im ersten Jahr nach dem Abschluss aus. Bewirb dich mit deinem Fotokonzept ab dem 09. November 2019 und hol dir Starthilfe für deinen selbstgestalteten Berufseinstieg als Fotograf*in!

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Portrait of Humanity

A photography award that seeks to prove there is more that unites us than sets us apart. Photographers of any level are invited, to show the world through their eyes, to capture the many faces of humanity, and to document the universal expressions of life; laughter, courage, moments of reflection...
Winning images will be exhibited at prestigious locations around the world, to create a Portrait of Humanity.
Deadline: 18 December - 23:59 (UK Time)

Wellcome Photography Prize

The Wellcome Photography Prize is now open for submissions relating to health, science and medicine, inviting projects that investigate these themes in unusual, personal and powerful ways. The prize aims to take this familiar theme and explore it through visual language.
The deadline for entries is 16 December 2019.

Copyright: Back of the Bus by Matt Writtle

plainpicture photographer Melanie Haberkorn

Congrats to plainpicture photographer Melanie Haberkorn who has been awarded twice for her project "Roomservice" with Deutscher Fotobuchpreis in Bronze and the New Talent Award 19/1 of the magazine "ProfiFoto". Melanie Haberkorn uses stylistic means to create images that challenge the viewer and ask to take a closer look. Her intention is to suggest a narrative context and a story for which, however, you can never find tangible evidence.

Shadows - Unleash the Poetry of Shadows

Mysterious, magical, intense, timeless, sometimes nostalgic... mastering the shadows in photography is an art in itself. It is a story in its own right, a unique form of expression. The printed issue of AAP Magazine will feature the best projects showcasing the theme "Shadows".Send a cohesive body of work or portfolio - capturing the poetry and the power of shadows! Your photos can be in color or black and white, and be landscape, portraiture, street photography or any other genre.
Final Deadline is November 30, 2019

Georg-Koppmann-Preis für Hamburger Stadtfotografie - Stipendium 2020

Im Herbst 2018 wurde das Stipendium "Georg Koppmann Preis für Hamburger Stadtfotografie" erstmals ausgeschrieben. Es wird vergeben für eine künstlerisch-dokumentarische Auseinandersetzung mit dem Stadtbild Hamburgs und seinen Veränderungen. Die Arbeit soll eine eigenständige fotografische Perspektive auf die Stadt als Lebensraum und Wohnort entwickeln und sich mit ihren Veränderungsprozessen auseinandersetzen. Das Stipendium ist mit 8.000 Euro dotiert und richtet sich an professionelle Fotografen und Absolventen von Fotostudiengängen an Hochschulen, Universitäten und Akademien.

Call for entries: 1. Oktober bis 30. November 2019

Axel Beyer: Baakenpark in der Hafencity, 2019


The Contemporary Photography Award by MIA Photo Fair: The Award “New-Post Photography?” intends to promote new photographic languages capable of reflecting the contemporary world in an innovative way. Through this award, open to all authors without any restrictions in theme, age, gender or nationality, the winners will be offered an opportunity to be exhibited at no charge during the 10th edition of MIA Photo Fair from March 18 to 22, 2020.
Deadline Application: 6 December 2019