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New book covers

Suspense, mystery and crime  - plainpicture cover images for recently released books in Germany.
Photography by Dave Wall, Martin Benner, Jean Marmeisse.

plainpicture magazine cover: Cosmia

Fresh breeze for your skin - cover image for natural cosmetics magazine "Cosmia - Das Naturkosmetik-Magazin" by plainpicture photographer Sarah Toure.

New book covers

Some new book covers using images by plainpicture photographers mia takahara, Lucja Romanowska and Cristopher Civitillo.

New book covers in France

New French literature - book cover using images by plainpicture photographers Stephen Caroll, Philippe Lesprit and Reiner Ohms.

plainpicture book covers

See some new english books. Cover designed by using planpicture images by Sylvia Ballhause, Silveri, Neue Bildanstalt/Truong

Simenon / Atlantik Verlag

Simenon rediscovered by Atlantik Verlag - paperback series using plainpicture images by Dave Wall, aurelia frey, Régis Domergue and  Millennium/Paula Salischiker


New book covers

Breathtaking, thrilling stories placed within the scientific world - new series by ZEIT-Edition. Cover images by plainpicture photographers Reilika Landen, Anja Weber-Decker, harry+ lidy, G. Bursac, Christian Kuhn

plainpicture book covers

Searching for people, places, ways to live - new book covers using plainpicture photography by Jean-Pierre Attal, Tim Robinson, Andrea Völkel

plainpicture magazine cover: W&V Magazin

June 2019 edition of W&V Magazin using the plainpicture image by Stephen Carroll.

plainpicture book covers

New book covers in black and white - images by plainpicture photographers Martin Benner, Willing-Holtz and Régis Domergue