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New plainpicture cover

Latest edition of magazine "cosmia - das Naturmagazin" with coverimage by plainpicture photographer Willing-Holtz Fotografie.

plainpicture book covers

Some plainpicture images on recent book covers in Germany. Take a look!
Photographs by L. Ajtay, Arne Landwehr, Mato/Massimo Ripani

plainpicture magazine cover: Kizz

Kindergarden kids and career planing - cover by plainpicture photographer Stella Mai on "Kizz - das Elternmagazin für die Kita-Zeit" / spring edition.

plainpicture book covers

Michel Houellebecq's new book "Serotonin" published at Dumont topped the book charts. Congratulations! Cover photography for some of his works in Germany by plainpicture photographers Lohfink, Benoit Audureau and Johner Images/Mats Hallgren

plainpicture magazine cover: Fritz + Fränzi

New plainpicture cover usage by plainpicture photographer Andrea Gottowick for "Fritz + Fränzi - Das Schweizer Eltern Magazin" approaching the subject gender stereotyping.

plainpicture magazine cover: Vigo magazine

Take a look at the latest vigo magazine - cover picture by plainpicture photographer HANDKE + NEU.
See some more winter impressions of the photographers on our site:

plainpicture magazine publications

Spiritual inspiration - image of Buddha by plainpicture photographer BY published in Spiegel Geschichte.

plainpicture book covers

See some book covers published in France using images by plainpicture photographers miguel sobreira, Lubitz + Dorner, Jasmin Sander and Readymade-Images/Alexis Bastin

plainpicture magazine cover

New cover image by plainpicture on the latest issue of the magazine Eltern focussing on the subject siblings so close but so different.
Image by plainpicture photographer Suzanne Gipson.

New plainpicture cover

Dive into the latest Kontakter issue - cover using plainpicture motive by Spitta + Hellwig.