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plainpicture book covers

Detailed, focussed and intensive views on personal relationships. Recently published books using plainpicture images.

plainpicture book covers

Some plainpicture images published on new book covers. Find some more inspiration on our site!


plainpicture book covers

Thrilling mystery and suspense - new plainpicture book covers published recently. See the images on our website


plainpicture book cover

images by:

p1047m1066114 plainpicture / Sally Mundy

p1019m816908 plainpicture / Stephen Caroll

p956m658614 plainpicture / Anna Quinn

Wackelwasser | campaign image by Kai Peters

New bookcover designs with plainpicture images

See all images here


plainpicture/Susan Fox
plainpicture/Millennium/Bjanka Kadic
plainpicture/Kniel Synnatzschke
plainpicture/Bildhuset/Erika Stenlund
plainpicture/Philippe Lesprit
plainpicture/Tanja Luther
plainpicture/Reilika Landen

impulse magazine | Cover by Willing-Holtz

Der Spiegel | Cover by Cultura/Megan Maloy

HausArzt | Cover by Kniel Synnatzschke

plainpicture book cover