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plainpicture magazine cover: WUV

"Purpose - What's the point of all this?" Cover of W&V magazine for Marketing and Creatives using images by plainpicture photographer Frauke Thielking.

New plainpicture photographer

Authentic scenes, close, emotional and expressive - photography by new plainpicture photographer Soany Guigand.


New plainpicture photographer

Creating a unique universe of spiritual visions  - portrait series by new plainpicture photographer Sophia Snadli.

Happy New Year 2020!

The best wishes for the New Year 2020 - image series by plainpicture photographer Lubitz + Dorner published in Spiegel Wissen 4/2019!


Good Bye 2019!

Sparkles and glitter - a small light will shine the brightest this New Years Eve!
Image by plainpicture photographer Jessica Prautzsch.

plainpicture image series

Pure, calm and silent - photography at it's best by plainpicture photographers Leander Hopf, Sandra Jordan, Carmen Spitznagel.

plainpicture Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone! Some more X-mas shots by plainpicture photographer Charlotte Zobel!

plainpicture in magazine Flow

Christmas is coming ... impressions published in the magazine Flow # 46 / 2019. Images by plainpicture photographers Handke + Neu, Cardinale, Narratives/Claire Richardson.

New plainpicture photographer

A gentle sensitive view on people and their world - images by new plainpicture photographer Jessica Prautzsch.

plainpicture new images december 2019

plainpicture new images

The latest edition - brand new images by plainpicture.