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plainpicture series landscape

Just as I reached the shore ... images by plainpicture photographers Manuela Deigert, Cristopher Civitillo, Hartmann + Beese, Yann Grancher, Anna Matzen, jocl.

plainpicture series light

City lights - urban space seen by plainpicture photographers vision2020vision, myriam tirler, mia takahara, harry + lidy, Willing-Holtz, Sally Mundy and Roland Schneider.

English book covers

Some English book covers using images by plainpicture photographers LPF, Sally Mundy and amanaimages/LUSH LIFE.

plainpicture series - stills

Corners and edges - images by plainpicture photographer Yvonne Röder.

plainpicture news: Speed

Get moving and sweep through the plainpicture world of images.

ACH, EUROPA / Stuttgart

plainpicture photographer Victor S. Brigola is taking part at the exhibition "Ach, EUROPA" at the VHS Photogalerie in Stuttgart. He is showing his work "No Deal" created in 2019 on an England journey. ACH, EUROPA examines the political structure of Europe that is currently subject to far-reaching changes. In abstract or concrete terms, individual facets are picked out and explored photographically and aesthetically.

The exhibition is part of the Eurovision - Fotosommer Stuttgart

VHS Photogalerie

Opening: 15. September 2021
16. September bis 21. November 2021

plainpicture new images

The latest edition is online - brand new images by plainpicture photographers.

plainpicture series - stills

Daily life - still images by plainpicture photographers Thomas Franz, Do-It-Studios, Lohfink, martinameier, Lubitz + Dorner.

plainpicture photographer: Dave Wall

How Light Creates Emotion ... images by plainpicture photographer Dave Wall.


plainpicture series shadows

Casting shadows - light effects by plainpicture photographers mia takahara, Bernd Webler, Roger Grasas, Axel Killian, Claire Picheyre, Jan Jasper Klein.