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plainpicture Rauschen

Exclusive and atmospheric images of the plainpicture Rauschen collection. Get some inspiration:

plainpicture image series clouds

Up in the clouds - images by plainpicture photographer Sandra Jordan.

New plainpicture photographer Régine Heintz

The world is rich in surprises and full of poetry, from tiny to grand, from little bits of nature to the great outdoors - images by new plainpicture photographer Régine Heintz.

Gabrielle Duplantier at the Galerie 127 in Montreuil

On the occasion of the reissue of the Volta photography book by Editions Lamaindonne, Galerie 127 de Montreuil dedicates its first personal exhibition to plainpicture photographer Gabrielle Duplantier. The exhibition presents some thirty photographs from the books Volta and Terres basses as well as an unpublished series on Morocco. In 2018, the artist discovered the Moroccan High Atlas and said he was struck by the beauty of the landscapes and the faces he encountered.

Gabrielle Duplantier is also one of the guests of the 9th editition L'oeil Urbain Festival in Corbeil-Essonnes with the series "Terres Basses" which has France and its territories as its theme.

Galerie 127 / Montreuil, 12 June - 31. July 2021
French Touch, Galerie 127 / L'oeil Urbain Festival, 27 May - 04. July 2021


New plainpicture photographer Juan Alfonso Solis

Moody and atmospheric - artistic inspirations in travel and landscape photography by new plainpicture photographer Juan Alfonso Solis.



plainpicture series light

Turn on the light - images by plainpicture photographers Dave Wall, Virginie Plauchut, LIQUID, KuS. Get inspired!

New plainpicture photographer anne schubert

Ambivalent appearances - in between darkness and light, beauty and ugliness, death and life. Images by new plainpicture photographer anne schubert.

plainpicture new images

The latest edition is online - brand new images by plainpicture photographers.

plainpicture news: Sports

Sports activities - a plainpicture selection of exclusive imagery. Go for it!

Simenon - part 2

Crime classics by Georges Simenon - book covers by plainpicture - published by Livre de Poche in France. Images by Pierro Lucca, Frauke Schumann, Nordic Life/Terje Rakke, Franco Cozzo, DesignPics/Ellen Rooney and AWL/Carlos Sanchez Pereyra.