New Posts / Featured photography

New photography by Florence Pierre

Still lifes put in scene by new plainpicture photographer Florence Pierre.


Pure Moments

Pure moments by plainpicture: black and white images  by plainpicture photographers.

plainpicture photographer Philipp Reiss

A plant is a plant is a plant ... images by plainpicture photographer Phillip Reiss

New English book covers

New English books using images by plainpicture photographers cgimanufaktur, Frank Krems, Leander Hopf.


plainpicture Rauschen

Mood and inspiration - new Rauschen photography by plainpicture.

plainpicture New Year

A Happy New Year - stay safe and healthy! Image by plainpicture photographer Yvonne Röder.

plainpicture series: landscapes

As pure as snow ... winter landscapes by plainpicture photographers.

plainpicture series: animals

Freezing all over ... animal life by plainpicture photographers. Take a look!

plainpicture Christmas

Merry Christmas! Image by plainpicture photographer Eva-Maria Gebhardt.

plainpicture Christmas

Christmas comes but once a year ... waiting for Santa. Image by plainpicture photographer Nic Fey.