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Thomas Herrmann - Shortlist Vonovia Award für Fotografie

plainpicture Fotograf Thomas Herrmann ist in der Shortlist Beste Fotografie des Vonovia Award für Fotografie. Seine fotografische Serie ,Highlife' fordert den Betrachter dazu auf sich in seinem persönlich-menschlichen Umfeld ohne Rücksicht auf vorgegebene ästhetische Schablonen auf die Suche nach der eigenen Wahrheit zu begeben.
plainpicture Fotograf Thomas Herrmann is nominated in shortlist "Best Photography" of the Vonovia Award for photography. His photographic series ,Highlife' invites the viewer to embark on a search for one's own truth in his personal-human environment without regard to given aesthetic templates.

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Calm and peaceful - landscapes by new plainpicture photographer Chris Hooton.
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Photographing as a tool to reflect on yourself and the world - catching emotions and feelings of life. Images by new plainpicture photographer Katharina Bauer.

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plainpicture photography on Outhere Music recordings and CD covers.

plainpicture series animals

Detailed and close-up views to animal life by plainpicture photographers Karoliina Norontaus, Franckaparis, Almag, nico, Helge Sauber.

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Precise, close, pure - photography perfectly put in scene by plainpicture photographer Alexander Sommer.

Gomma Photography Grant

Now in its sixth year, Gomma Photography Grant is a grant contest tailored to fund photographers, both emerging and established, working among various genre. Gomma Grant is structured so to award undetected photographers from around the world.
Early Bird Deadline August, 31st 2019

New images are online

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