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The latest edition - brand new images by plainpicture.

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Baked Alaska, lamb chops, Bananas Foster, some sweets and a drink - menu prepared by plainpicture photographer David Prince.
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Dark, mysterious, fascinating - image series by plainpicture photographer Stephen Caroll.

New plainpicture photographer

A sense of being, significance, a profound beauty to discover and bring into light - the work of plainpicture photographer Juliette Chretien

Sony World Photography Awards - 2nd Place, 'Henkō' by plainpicture photographer Massimo Giovannini

'Henkō' by plainpicture photographer Massimo Giovannini:

Henkō - a Japanese word composed of kanjis meaning “change” and “variable/unusual light” - conveys the idea of a shifting light which transforms our perception of the objects it illuminates. The work is not intended to trick the viewer, only to introduce doubt; to make them question preconceived ideas on gender and the presumed veracity of even the most candid photographic image.
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plainpicture image series

Childhood - series by plainpicture photographer Elise Ortiou Campion.


plainpicture people productions

Week-end quality time with friends in the garden ... new production by Lisa Krechting


plainpicture image series

Feel secure and in safe hands - image series by plainpicture photographer O. Mahlstedt.

May Day

What a May Day - enjoy slow life!

image by mia takahara

plainpicture image series

On a week-end trip to the best city - seen purely subjective. See the images by Willing-Holtz.