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plainpicture book covers

It is going to be a long summer - some holiday books for you! Covers created with plainpicture photography.
photos by: Lubitz + Dorner, Sally Mundy, BY

audio covers by plainpicture

Music expressed as a colour symphony in red ... designed with plainpicture images for our French client Alpha Classics
photos by: Tom Hogan, Tilby Vattard, aurelia frey, Readymade-Images/Philippe Levy, Aurora Photos/Christopher Herwig

YOURPICTUREDITOR showcases plainpicture

Yourpictureditor - International & independent network of photo editors showcases plainpicture with an interview and a nice image selection:

Photo by Karoliina Norontaus

plainpicture images for client brochure

plainpicture images chosen by client :hager for image brochure.
Photos by Frank Herford, Caiaimage/Astronaut Images, Westend61/Kniel Synatschke, Arcaid/Richard Powers, Aflo

plainpicture magazine cover

Podcast marketing put in scene by using image of plainpicture photographer Claudia Jestremski on the cover of the latest issue of the W&V Magazine.

Wind in Sicht - Landscape in Transition

plainpicture photographer Ulrich Mertens is passionate about environmental protection and kept photographic records on  the turnaround to renewable energy sources for more than 10 years. Landscapes and urban spaces seen from the tops of modern wind turbines, evidence of the transformation from fossil and nuclear energy to wind energy. Now his work is published within the photobook: Wind in Sicht-Landscape in Transition.
Find more information on his project on:
See some impressive examples on his photographic work on our site:

plainpicture book covers

Living in America nowadays ... plainpicture images on recent book covers by Leander Hopf, Millennium/Kramer O’Neill and Ableimages/Ben Miller

plainpicture book covers

Some recent plainpicture images published on book covers in France. Photography by the Glint, André Schuster and Glasshouse.



plainpicture book cover

Well-designed collage of three plainpicture motives for book cover: BY - Cristopher Civitillo - Millennium/Majid Boroumand.

See images on our site

plainpicture magazine cover

Strong children - latest Eltern family lead story visualized with plainpicture image motif 

Photo: plainpicture/Cultura/Christopher Villano