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plainpicture Newsletter: Moods & Inspiration

Need some inspiration?

Check out the new plainpicture Rauschen presentation:

Kniel Synnatzschke | new production in progress

Today Niko Synnatzschke & Christoph Kniel took advantage of the German summer heat and shot a new stock production for plainpicture. They were supported by our photographer relations executive Lisa Drewes. See first impressions above, more is coming soon.

plainpicture/Kniel Synnatzschke

Voies off Festival 2016

plainpicture creative director Roman Härer participates as a portfolio reviewer at this years Voies off Festival. He will stay in Arles from July 4th to 8th.

image (right) © Lisa Drewes

plainpicture newsletter: Speed

plainpicture image presentation "Speed": Find your Speed here

plainpicture newsletter: Places

Watch the film here.

plainpicture Newsletter: plain Style

plainpicture fashion photo trends: Watch here

PICTAday 2016

plainpicture at PixDay 2016 / Paris

Thursday, April 7th, Stand 20.

Arts & Métiers - Le cnam - 292 rue Saint-Martin, 75003 Paris

Salle des Textiles - 1er étage

plainpicture newsletter: Geometric

You can watch the newsletter here.

plainpicture newsletter: Ghost Story

Have a look at the presentation.