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Arles - Les Rencontres de la Photographie 2021

Opening week at the rencontres July 4th - 11, 2021
Throughout the city day and night, photographers and curators of the program meet the public at evening projections, exhibition tours, debates, lectures. Check here for more information!

plainpicture creative director Roman Härer participates as an expert at the portfolio online reviews

New plainpicture photographer Luisa Zanzani

Emotional closeness in an objective, timeless imagery - the new plainpicture photographer Luisa Zanzani.

In Conversation With The Land

How we think about and engage with the land has been an ever-evolving relationship. As we come to terms with the climate crisis and how human intervention in the land has irrevocably changed our planet, photographers' and artists' images help us understand these essential conversations. The Centre of Fine Art Photography in Boston gives an opportunity to explore loss, longing, mystery, and hope.

Submission deadline: July 18th, 2021
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Exhibition Dates: September 3 December 31st, 2021

English book covers

Some English book covers using images by plainpicture photographers Kati Kalkamo, Mischa Keijser and Laurent Deglicourt.


»Wir können mehr als Pampers, Slipeinlagen und Erdbeerjoghurt« Eine Reihe renommierter Fotografinnen hat sich zum Kollektiv Herspective zusammengeschlossen mit dem Ziel auf mehr Gleichberechtigung bei der Einladung zu Pitches und und bei der Auftragsvergabe. Insgesamt 32 Fotografinnen machen derzeit mit, darunter plainpicture Fotografinnen Delia Baum, Anne Deppe, Kathrin Leisch, Lina Grün, Miriam Lindthaler.

Mehr Infos findet ihr unter Herspective und aktuell auch auf Page Online.

plainpicture news: Portraits

Portraits - new plainpicture photography. Watch the exclusive plainpicture gallery!

VONOVIA AWARD For Photography 2021

AT HOME. Is HOME still the protected place - for many an oasis of well-being, the place of longing - or has it turned into a prison? How can coexistence be reorganized? Who do we share the HOME with? How can you rethink HOME today? The VONOVIA AWARD competition participants will deal with these and other questions in 2021.

New images are online

The latest edition is online - brand new images by plainpicture photographers.

New book covers in Europe

Some new books in Netherlands and Italy using images by plainpicture photographers Ilka Kramer, manuela deigert, Michael Steel.

plainpicture series speed

Picking up speed - images by plainpicture photographer Andreas Körner.