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plainpicture book cover

Book cover of "Wasser und Zeit - eine Geschichte unserer Zukunft" by Andri Snær Magnason
using plainpicture image by Cavan Images/Andrew Peacock also chosen as cover image
of the preview magazine of the German publisher Insel Verlag.

Lumix Festival 2020 - digital

Das Lumix Festival bietet einen fotografischen Blick auf die Welt und versteht sich als Ort des Austausches für Fotografen und Fotografinnen. Vom 19. bis zum 28.06.2020 präsentiert das Team des Lumix Festivals unter dem Titel „10 Tage – 10 Themen“ unter sowie auf Instagram und Facebook ein spannendes Programm aus Live Talks, Podcasts und Online-Portfoliosichtungen.

Foto: Nanna Heitmann - Hiding from Baba Yaga

New plainpicture photographer: Jenny Bewer

Exploring the nature of human beings and the alienation from itself - images by new plainpicture photographer Jenny Bewer.

Black Lives Matter

You can find an overview on anti-racism resources for the photography industry on the site of the British Journal Of Photography. The editorial staff compiled a growing list of books, articles, and initiatives to learn from and support.

New plainpicture photographer: Kumi Oguro

Frozen, motionless, focused to the moment - emotional worlds captured by new plainpicture photographer Kumi Oguro.

Portrait of Britain 2020 / British Journal of Photography

Portrait of Britain is a photography exhibition run by British Journal of Photography, that celebrates the rich tapestry of people that make up Great Britain. How have photographers captured a year of turbulent politics and crisis? In decades to come, people will look to Portrait of Britain 2020 to see the face of the nation in a historic period.

Deadline: 16 June 2020

photo by Max Miechowski

plainpicture book covers

Some recently published English books using cover images by plainpicture photographers Silveri, Benjamin Harte and Reto Puppetti

Photographic Museum of Humanity - Mobile Photography Prize

The 2nd edition of the Mobile Photography Prize is dedicated to the theme: INSIDE - Home, Family, and Community in a Historical Collective Moment.
Mobile devices are the main vehicle through which to document everyday life. This call aims to explore the view on the current global crisis throughout these past few months.
Application deadline: 11 June 2020

New plainpicture photographer: Sam Green

Quiet and profound views on landscapes - images by new plainpicture photographer Sam Green.
See more on his work on our site!

AAP B&W Photography Contest

Unleash the power of black-and-white photography. The timelessness of black and white images focuses on its subjects, highlights contrasts, lines and enhances the power of light. The All About Photo B&W Contest is open to any photography interpretation, from photojournalism, street photography, artistic photography, portrait, nude, landscapes, nature, wildlife, urban, architecture, fashion, fine art or documentary photography.

Final Deadline is June 09, 2020