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plainpicture series: aerial photography

The sky is the limit - the view of the city from up there. Images by plainpicture photographer Tamboly.


When taking a picture of a landscape, just like in a portrait or a scene, photographers attempt to tell a story: from dramatic rural vistas to urban panoramics, or seemingly-abstract aerial compositions images that showcase our planet’s diverse and beautiful topography.⁠ The Independent Photographer wellcomes photographers to submit their work on landscape photography - all different styles and compositions are possible and wellcome! 

Submission deadline: 30. April 2021

photo: Ross Long

New plainpicture photographer Javier Martinez Bravo

The game of light - see the world according to new plainpicture photographer Javier Martinez Bravo.

Book covers in France

Some books in France using cover images by plainpicture photographers Mario Monaco, Deb Schwedhelm and Dave Wall.

Award Winning African Photography - photo basel

Award Winning African Photography - photo basel takes a closer look in an online showcase of contemporary African photography presented in the framework of photo basel international art fair’s virtual exhibitions. photo basel invited its long time partner, the CAP Association, to undergo this endeavor. The roughly 200 award winning works exhibited are sourced from the CAP Prize – the International African Photography Prize. The exhibition not only includes photographs but also offers video backgrounds on the exhibited photographers and projects.

19 April – 2 May 2021

photo: Ismail Zaidy

plainpicture series abstract

Go into details - abstract images by plainpicture photographer Rudi Sebastian. Get some more inspiration!

Portrait - Mirror of the Mind

All About seeks the submission of photographs that celebrate the aesthetic and conceptual considerations involved in the creation of the portrait: celebrate diversity, creativity, honesty and self-expression. Studio portraits, candid street shots, self-portraits, conceptual and fine art all welcome. Studio portraits, candid street shots, self-portraits, conceptual and fine art all welcome.


New plainpicture photographer: lindsay basson

Capturing life and it's special moments - images by new plainpicture photographer lindsay basson.

New Crime Book Covers

Crime and suspense - English book covers using images by plainpicture photographers Gordon Spooner, Richard Nixon and Bjanka Kadic.

FotoNostrum Portrait Award 2021

Selected images in this Portrait Award will be chosen on five main aspects of the photograph: concept, execution, boldness, creativity and emotional impact, making the viewer think and feel what the image is transmitting.

Until May 2, 2021