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Soforthilfen für Freischaffende - eine erste Übersicht

Der Onlinebranchendienst zu Medienthemen MEEDIA gibt eine Übersicht von etablierten Soforthilfen für Fotografen, Journalisten, Grafiker.
Hier der Link.

photography community and beyond

1854 Media and Britsh Journal of Photography set up a new online community giving photographers and industry professionals the possibility to share information and concerns during this exceptional situation caused by Coronavirus COVID-19. The awards programmes Female in Focus and Portrait of Britain, we already featured on our blog, will remain open for submissions.

newsletter: sceneries

Sceneries -exclusive landscape images. Take a look at the latest plainpicture Newsletter!

CPJ News Release: Exception of the confinement for Photojournalists

For our French photographers. We received the following link, we'd like to share with you.

Coronakrise: Das müssen Freelancer jetzt wissen

Wir möchten gerne folgenden Artikel mit euch teilen: unter dem Titel "Coronakrise: Das müssen Freelancer jetzt wissen" hat Page Online Infos und Links für Freelancer zusammengetragen.

photography community and beyond

Especially freelance artists and creatives will be economically affected by the global outbreak of the Coronavirus COVID-19. We'd like to give you a little bit of support by posting all kind of information we receive on online communities, networks, associations, open awards giving photographer's a chance to find and share advice. You can find a first overview on ressources to help photographers on 'all about'.

New plainpicture photographer

Gentle expressions, fragile and pure images by new plainpicture photographer Estelle Poulalion.

plainpicture magazine cover: Geo Wissen

"Don't worry too much" - the latest Geo Wissen magazine issue on calmness and ways to deal with stress using an image by plainpicture photographer Lisa Krechting


Foam Talent Call 2020

Foam is an Amsterdam based organisation with a focus on, and attention to relevant developments in contemporary photography. By scouting, following and presenting young, talented photographers and their work, Foam aims to discover and stimulate exceptional quality of upcoming artists working with the photographic medium.
Open until 24 March 2020

photo: Guanyu Xu

New plainpicture photographer

Drawing attention to details ... the work of new plainpicture photographer Slaveng. Take a look!