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Elles font la Photographie

The Diversity-Equality team of the French Ministry of Culture is currently working on the launch of a platform providing useful practical resources for women photographers and members of gender minorities and putting these professionals in touch with each other: "Elles font la photographie" is the first part of the more global project "Elles font la culture" which will then be declined with other disciplines. A questionnaire gives the possibility to give feedback and enhance the project services.

La mission Diversité-Egalité du ministère de la Culture, accompagné par l’Atelier numérique, l’incubateur de services numériques du Ministère, travaille actuellement au lancement  d’une plateforme de mise à disposition de ressources pratiques utiles pour les femmes photographes (et appartenant aux minorités de genre) et de mise en relation de ces professionnelles entre elles : Elles font la photographie, lequel est le premier volet du projet plus global Elles font la culture qui sera décliné ensuite dans les autres disciplines. L’équipe du projet a besoin de retours de femmes photographes pour affiner au mieux les services de la plateforme.

New English book covers

It is a thriller! Some new English book covers using images by plainpicture photographers Jean Marmaisse, mia takahara and Philippe Lesprit.

plainpicture series light

Turn on the light - images by plainpicture photographers Dave Wall, Virginie Plauchut, LIQUID, KuS. Get inspired!

Malala Fund x 1854 : Against All Odds Commission

‘This project invites photographers to showcase girls as they are: strong, ambitious and full of agency’ Malala Yousafzai. In collaboration with 1854, Malala Fund is commissioning three new works that celebrate the determination and agency of remarkable girls facing challenging circumstances. The "Against All Odds" commission is giving three women* photographers a £2,000 creative grant each to develop and create a new body of work that together will be used to promote inspiring stories from girls all around the world.

Photo: Toluwanimi Onibokun

*This includes all women (e.g. cis, trans and intersex) as well as non-binary artists

New plainpicture photographer anne schubert

Ambivalent appearances - in between darkness and light, beauty and ugliness, death and life. Images by new plainpicture photographer anne schubert.

Book cover in Germany

Deutschland 2050 by Toralf Staud and Nick Reimer published at Kiepenheuer & Witsch. Cover image by plainpicture photographer Tanja Luther. An overview of climate change consequences in Germany based on latest scientific research results.

Foam Talent Call 2021

Since 2007 the annual Foam Talent Call is aiming to present and support new generations of talented image-makers worldwide and give a yearly look on the ever-growing photographic community. Foam is an Amsterdam based organisation with a focus on, and attention to relevant developments in contemporary photography. 

open until: June, 2nd 2021

photo: Silvia Rossi

plainpicture new images

The latest edition is online - brand new images by plainpicture photographers.

Felix Schoeller Photo Award 2021

The Felix Schoeller Photo Award honors works that clearly illustrate a love of photography and exceptionally stringent demands on picture quality. The aim of the award is to honor and lend support to photographers who share our passion for uncompromisingly good photography. The Felix Schoeller Photo Award is presented every two years. The 2021 competition comprises the following categories:


Deadline: May 31th, 2021

photo: Toby Binder "Wee Muckers - Youth of Belfast"


plainpicture news: Sports

Sports activities - a plainpicture selection of exclusive imagery. Go for it!