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Portrait of Humanity 2020

Portrait of Humanity is a global photography award born from a mission to prove there is more that unites us than sets us apart. It is one of the most viewed photographic exhibitions in history. 2020 has been a year of unprecedented global struggle. Perhaps now more than ever, we can find solace in what makes us human: the universal expressions of life that prove, after everything, we are made of the same things. First hellos. Last goodbyes. Moments of reflection. Periods of resilience. Stories of hope. Strives for change. And everything in between.

Deadline: 22 October 2020

New plainpicture photographer: Laurent Moulager

Touching, gentle and emotional - portraits by new plainpicture photographer Laurent MOULAGER.

RAUM - SPACE a photographic project by Uwe Nölke

Exhibition space, living space, space ... plenty of space to express in photography.
plainpicture photographer Uwe Nölke discovered a wide range of rooms worldwide with his smartphone. He has photographed architectural spaces and made the term “space” the basic concept of his work.
His work is going to be ehibited at:
MV- Fotogalerie, Schwerin, 11. Oktober - 22. November 2020

plainpicture image series - structure

Focussed on structure - images by Nic Fey, Roger Grasas, manuela deigert, Virginie Plauchut, Frank Baquet and Müggenburg

Planches Contact - Deauville photographic festival 2020

Planches Contact has been regarded over the years as one of the rarest festivals whose production was founded on the principle of the public request ; it became an authentic observation's laboratory of the territory through images. The 11th edition confirms more than ever the singularity of the festival : the production and presentation of works created by a range of photographers invited to Deauville.

From October 17th, 2020 to January 3rd, 2021

photo: Evangelia KRANIOTI, ADAGP, 2020 pour le festival de Deauville Planches Contact

plainpicture book covers

Some new English books using cover photography by plainpicture photographers Willing-Holtz, BY and Narratives/Alun Callender.

fotografieneudenken - Interviews. Podcasts. Videos.

Fotografische Bilder sind Werkzeug und Instrument. Material und Rohstoff. Inspiration und Wissenschaft. Individuum und Gesellschaft.
Regelmäßig unregelmäßig kommen Menschen zu Wort kommen, die über fotografische Bilder nachdenken, die solche erarbeiten, sie benutzen und sie vermitteln. und überall da, wo es gute Podcasts gibt.

plainpicture image series - blue hour

Blaue Stunde - Blue Hour : when twilight falls over a sublime landscape of mountains and sea ... an indefinable longing for faraway places.
Images by plainpicture photographer Ingmar Wein.

EMOP - European Month of Photography Berlin

Since 2004, EMOP Germany’s largest photo festival shows the entire spectrum of historical and contemporary photography in Berlin every two years. Numerous museums, cultural institutions, galleries, project spaces, embassies, and photo schools in Berlin and Potsdam present exhibitions and events which have been selected by a panel of experts.
BERLIN, 1—31 OCT 2020

New plainpicture photographer: Ole Spata

Visual works at plainpicture by documentary photographer and photojournalist Ole Spata - take a look!